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Network Device Configuration

NetJSON CNML proposed standard CNML from
general cnml cnml
hardware hardware capability -
operating_system - -
resources - -
interfaces - interface
physical_devices devices -
routing - -
dns_servers - -
dns_search - -

Device Monitoring Data

NetJSON CNML proposed standard CNML from

Network Routes

NetJSON CNML proposed standard CNML from
protocol not for routes N/A
version not for routes N/A
metric not for routes N/A

Network Graph

NetJSON CNML proposed standard CNML from
version cnml cnml
metric - -
nodes node information node
links - link
revision (opt) - -
router_id (opt) - -


Proposed standard CNML element Used CNML element Attributes
cnml cnml generated, server_id, server_url, version
hardware capability
mapping class mapping, network_description
network environment network ap, client, devices, links, nodes, services
content sharing
zone access_points, box, clients, created, devices, dns_servers, graph_server, id, links, ntp_servers, parent_id, services, time_zone, title, updated, zone_nodes
node information node access_points, antenna_elevation, clients, created, devices, graph_server, id, lat, links, lon, services, status, title, updated
devices device created, firmware, graph_server, id, name, snmp_index, status, title, type, updated
radio antenna_angle, antenna_azimuth, antenna_gain, channel, device_id, id, mode, protocol, snmp_index, snmp_name, ssid
service created, id, status, title, type, updated
interface id, ipv4, mac, mask, type
link id, link_status, link_type, linked_device_id, linked_interface_id, linked_node_id
owner of device
scale of interest to the network
personal keyring
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