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Map software / Link Source code Community Network/s Location Software license Content license Development status Last release Programming language Data backend Interoperability mode (with others maps) Export Import Wired links (Optic Fiber,...) OpenLayers Extended data on map History Multilingual Comments
Guifimaps, qMp WorldWide, specially Catalonia Stable - Slow 2013-08-05 PHP MySQL Not supported Yes,via CNML and GML Not supported Supported No External supported (via graph SNMP servers) Partially -
LibreMap Quintana Libre, Delta Libre, Freifunk, qMp Argentina, Germany, Catalonia GPLv3 ODbL Alpha - Slow 2014-05-01 JavaScript CouchDB Not supported Via sharing couch DataBase Via sharing couch DataBase Not supported Not supported Only JSON not complete data Not supported No -
Nodeshot Ninux Italy 0.9.x stable slow, 1.0 alpha quick 2013-12-03 Python PostgreSQL Not supported KML Supported Yes
WiND Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) Greece
olsrmap (one instance, other instance) Unimos Portugal Mixed licences Slow PHP + Javascript Reads directly from OLSR nodes' latlon.js file (javascript spit by the OLSR daemon) Contains a distance measurement tool, and a terrain profile analysis tool (by an external provider [inspired by Guifi's])
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